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Zatsuyou Fuyojutsushi Ga Jibun No Saikyou Ni Kizuku Made Chapter 16 Coming Soon

In the upcoming Chapter 16 of the story, something important is about to happen. In the last chapter, Camilla faced a tough challenge and couldn’t defeat the Lord of the Levels. Now, Wim, another character in the story, has to make a difficult choice. He has to step into the battle to save Camilla and the Firbronn people. Readers are eager to find out if Wim can defeat the powerful Lord of the Levels in this new chapter.

Wim’s Courageous Fight

Wim has to confront a formidable clay doll golem. He’s scared that he might not make it out alive. But his friend Heide Marie reassures him that he’ll be okay. Others, like Dominic, also recognize Wim’s special skills, but they worry that the clay doll is too tough for him to handle. Even Camilla points out that Wim’s enchantment skills aren’t very strong individually.

But Wim doesn’t give up. He uses his enchantments on each muscle and bone, making himself incredibly strong. He’s determined to defeat the clay doll and save the day.

Camilla’s Belief in Wim

Camilla has faith in Wim’s abilities, and Dominic notices that she cares about Wim a lot. Becoming an adventurer in their world is a big deal because it grants them incredible power. However, mastering the art of enchantment, like Wim has, is extremely difficult.

But Wim doesn’t let that stop him. With his instant enhancement and Zweimar’s double boost, he defeats the massive golem clay doll.

Camilla’s Heroic Battle

Camilla, on the other hand, is also fighting a fierce battle against the Lord of the Levels. She’s cutting its tentacles and attacking its central body. Wim is amazed at her strength and determination, even though he has become incredibly powerful himself. Camilla is the strongest warrior of Firbronn, and she doesn’t back down. Wim follows her orders and gets help from others.

Credit: Futabasha

A Desperate Situation

Unfortunately, Camilla is badly hurt during the battle. Her bones are broken, she’s bleeding, and her organs are damaged. Wim holds her in his arms, worried about her condition.

Wim’s Sacrifice

Camilla regains consciousness and tells Wim to run away with the others, leaving the wounded behind. But Wim can’t bear to see the Firbrown people and Camilla die, especially since they accepted him for who he is. So, despite not considering it the best option, he decides to take on the Lord of the Levels himself to protect his friends. Wim transforms into a puppet master to launch an attack on the formidable foe.

Release Date for Chapter 16

Excitingly, Chapter 16 of “Zatsuyou Fuyojutsushi Ga Jibun No Saikyou Ni Kizuku Made” is set to be released on Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 08:00 PM JST. Readers can’t wait to see how the story unfolds in the next chapter.

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