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hakka noodles recipe | veg noodles recipe how to make recipe

Vegetable noodles is a simple and delicious Indo-Chinese recipe where boiled noodles are stir-fried with colorful vegetables and Chinese sauces. These street-style vegetable noodles are sure to satisfy those desi noodle cravings. Perfect as a quick weeknight meal, snack, or for the lunchbox! I am sharing how to make an Indian street-style Chinese veg noodles recipe at home in 15-20 mins. If you love noodles, It is easy, quick, loaded with veggies, packed with flavor, and easily customizable! I make them on the milder side for my kids but you can add more heat to make them like those Indian street-style spicy noodles. Hakka Noodles and vegetables Noodles are some other favorites that I am sure you will love too! for boiling noodles:

▢6 cup water

▢1 tsp salt

▢1 tsp oil

▢125 grams noodles other ingredients:

▢2 tbsp oil ▢2 clove garlic, finely chopped

▢1 inch ginger, finely chopped

▢1 chilli, slit

▢½ onion, sliced

▢2 tbsp spring onion, chopped

▢½ carrot, chopped

▢¼ green capsicum, chopped

▢5 snow pea, chopped

▢5 beans, chopped

▢¼ red capsicum, chopped

▢5 florets broccoli

▢3 tbsp cabbage, shredded

▢2 tbsp tomato sauce

▢1 tbsp soy sauce

▢1 tbsp vinegar

▢1 tbsp chilli sauce

▢¼ tsp pepper powder

▢½ tsp salt


1. firstly, in a large vessel take 6 cup water, 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp oil.

2. once the water comes to a boil place a pack of hakka noodles (125 gm)

3.boil the noodles for 3 minutes or till it turns al dente. refer package instructions to know the exact cooking time.

4.drain off the water from noodles and pour 1 cup of cold water to prevent from further cooking.

5.drizzle 1 tsp oil and mix gently, to avoid noodles from sticking to each other. keep aside. in a large kadai heat 2 tbsp oil and saute 2 clove garlic, 1 inch ginger and 1 chilli.

7.saute ½ onion, 2 tbsp spring onion on high flame.

8.further add ½ carrot, ¼ green capsicum, 5 snow pea, 5 beans, chopped, ¼ red capsicum and 5 florets broccoli.

9.stir fry on high flame for 2 minutes or until veggies are cooked yet retain their crunch.

10.also add 3 tbsp cabbage and stir fry.

11.further add 2 tbsp tomato sauce, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp vinegar, 1 tbsp chilli sauce, ¼ tsp pepper powder and ½ tsp salt. stir fry until sauces are well combined.

12.add in boiled noodles and mix gently. toss and mix until noodles are cooked completely.

13.finally, garnish with spring onion and enjoy veg noodles.

Finally, serve this veg noodles recipe steaming hot as it is or with some black bean sauce or tomato sauce.

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