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Yuri’s Return and Upcoming Chapter 29 of “You, My Devil”!

After a long trip to Nikkeh, Yuri is back, and fans of the series are super excited to know what’s going to happen next in Chapter 29. That’s why they can’t wait for the release date of the new chapter.

Recap of Chapter 28

In the last chapter, Yuri returned and met Camille. They talked about Nikkeh and some important stuff. Also, there’s a plan for a Fox Unit event in Constance, and Nadin and Festus will be there soon. Yuri thinks they might try something sneaky and suggests appointing someone to watch over them.

Chapter 29 Release Date

Good news! Chapter 29 will be released on September 14, 2023. Don’t miss it!

Credits: RidiBook

Chapter 29: What to Expect

In Chapter 29, Yuri talks about his reasons for wanting to become an emperor. Court people treated him badly and even took Camille’s sight. Yuri wants to prove himself and get back at those who hurt him, no matter the cost.

So, get ready for Chapter 29 on September 14th! It’s going to be exciting!

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