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Your Eternal Lies Chapter 73 Rosen’s Escape Plan Begins

Rosen, who now has magical powers, is ready to put her escape plan into action. She’s not sure if she’s become a witch, but she doesn’t care. Her newfound magic is perfect for breaking free from her prison cell on a boat. She even has a smart reptile as her companion.

A Chance for Freedom

Rosen is thrilled that she might finally be free and can go to an island where witches live. But there’s one big problem: Ian Conner. He’s been tough on her ever since she came under his custody.

Rosen’s Reputation

Rosen is famous for escaping from jail and being a skilled liar. Ian is naturally suspicious of her because of her reputation.

Credits: Manta

Recap of Your Eternal Lies

In the previous chapter, Rosen discovers she has magic powers. She figures she might be turning into a witch. Her new magic helps her break free from her shackles. She’s excited to escape and tries to help her friend Maria, but Maria wants to stay in prison.

A Sudden Opportunity

Just as Rosen is about to break out, a man who helped her before appears. He guides her to a room where Ian Conner is waiting. Ian has been locked up because people think he’s been bewitched by Rosen. Rosen uses her magic to knock him out and takes his gun to make her escape.

Release Date of Chapter 73

Chapter 73 of Your Eternal Lies will be out on Monday, September 18, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST.

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