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Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 185: Kou’s Thoughts and Plans

In this chapter, we’ll delve into Kou’s feelings and concerns about school reopening and his relationship with Nazuna. Here’s what happens:

Kou’s Restless Night

  • Kou is nervous about returning to school and recalls the last time Nazuna drank his blood.
  • He couldn’t sleep all night and decides to meet Nazuna the next day.

Awkward Conversation Over Drinks

  • Kou lies about getting a good night’s sleep because he feels strange admitting he didn’t sleep at all.
  • They share some drinks and discuss Kou’s dilemma about going back to school.
  • Nazuna assures Kou it’s just juice, not blood, though Kou thinks it might be an excuse for her to drink.
  • Nazuna tells Kou it’s ultimately his choice to make regarding school.
Credit: Sunday Webry

Kou’s Changing Perspective

  • Kou reveals he’s not as anxious as before about returning to school.
  • He attributes this change to a girl confessing her feelings to him and showing him kindness.

The Importance of Friends

  • Kou realizes that the girl and her friends are actually nice people after the school trip.
  • He appreciates having friends but worries that a normal life might mean less time with Nazuna.

Nazuna’s Comforting Words

  • Nazuna reassures Kou that if he still wants to become a vampire, that’s an option.
  • Kou offers his blood, but Nazuna declines, feeling too drunk and dizzy.

Nazuna’s Proposal

  • Nazuna reminds Kou that they met when she helped insomniacs sleep.
  • She mentions that winter break is over, and summer break is longer, giving Kou something to look forward to.
  • Nazuna suggests she could help Kou study after school hours.

Release Date for Chapter 185

  • Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 185 is set to release on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, at 8:30 PM JST.

So, in this chapter, we explore Kou’s anxiety about school, his evolving feelings about the girl who confessed to him, and his growing connection with Nazuna.

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