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Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 138: Release Date & Spoilers

Fans of the series are eager to know what will happen next in Yeonwoo’s Innocence, especially after a surprising discovery. Let’s dive into what’s going on and what’s coming up!

Hyung Nim’s Discovery

In the last chapter, Hyung Nim found out that Yeonwoo is friends with Hyeong Jun. This discovery has left him feeling a bit strange. Fans are now excited to see how this new development will change the story.

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Release Date for Chapter 138

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 138 to find out what happens next. It’s set to come out on October 9, 2023.

Recap of Chapter 137

In the previous chapter, Hyung Nim learned about Hyeong Jun being Yeonwoo’s friend. He couldn’t believe it at first but eventually started to accept it. When he asked Yeonwoo about it, Yeonwoo became anxious.

What’s Happening with Hyeong Jun

Some days later, Hyung Nim overheard a conversation about Hyeong Jun. Some guys were talking about someone who had been absent for three days and speculated about suicide. Hyeong Jun seemed to think it would just result in a transfer.

One guy, however, argued that they should listen to someone who experienced it firsthand and mentioned that he didn’t believe he was the direct reason for the person’s death.

Credits: Naver)

Hyeong Jun’s Disturbing Comments

Hyeong Jun didn’t seem too bothered and even commented that it would be sad if Yeon Nyeon were to die. He talked about Yeon Nyeon like a plaything and showed pictures he took of him crying.

Hyung Nim’s Concern

Hyung Nim confronted Hyeong Jun about his actions, and Hyeong Jun claimed he could do whatever he wanted with Yeonwoo because he’s his “plaything.” However, he suddenly had a change of heart and let Hyung Nim go.

The upcoming Chapter 138 promises more exciting developments in the story, so stay tuned!

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