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Wishing For Luck Chapter 5? Meet Heo Yoon, the Unlucky Girl

Are you looking forward to the new chapter of “Wishing For Luck”? In this story, there’s a girl named Heo Yoon who’s had bad luck her whole life. No matter what she does, bad things always happen to her. She wanted to be a famous singer, but her bad luck kept getting in the way.

For example, during a job interview, she caught a cold. Then, a bird flew in and hit her, and her guitar string broke when she tried to play it. Bad luck was always there with her.

So, she ended up working at a convenience store because she had no other choice. She was broke and feeling stuck. But one day, an old lady came to her store and said that Heo Yoon would meet her “fated angel” soon. This made Heo Yoon happy for a moment.

However, when Heo Yoon offered the old lady a drink, the lady disappeared. Later that night, Heo Yoon lost her job and felt sad when she saw her friends having fun on social media.

Chapter 5 Release Date

Now, let’s talk about when Chapter 5 of “Wishing For Luck” will be released. This story is a Korean web comic, and it falls into genres like drama, romance, shoujo, and supernatural. It started in 2022 and is published on Naver Webtoons but is not available in English.

So, without waiting any longer, let’s find out when Chapter 5 will be out. But first, let’s recap what happened in Chapter 4.

Credits: JHS Studio

Recap of Chapter 4

In the previous chapter, Hae Long (the author and artist) accepts that she’ll work with a man who claims to be a “deity” and be his manager. She gets some money from this deal, but it can only be used by gods. Later, they decide to live together on their own terms.

That’s when Hae Long realizes that Andre (the deity) doesn’t know much about mortal stuff, like cooking eggs. It’s a funny and surprising situation.

Chapter 5 Release Date

So, when can we expect Chapter 5? It’s going to be released on September 11, Monday, in 2023. Mark your calendar if you’re a fan of “Wishing For Luck”!

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