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Will There Be Once More Chapter 157?

The latest chapter of Once More, Chapter 156, has wrapped up the story for now. But fans are wondering if the author will come back with Chapter 157 anytime soon. Let’s dive into what happened in this chapter.

Bu Yan’s Distant Gaze: In this chapter, Bu Yan was acting a bit differently. He wasn’t looking at Qing Yuwei as he usually did, which bothered her because she liked the way he used to look at her.

Once More (Credit: KuaiKan Manhua)

Qing Yuwei’s Feelings: Qing Yuwei decided to open up and share her feelings with Bu Yan. She even mentioned that she found him cute when he looked at her.

Praising Bu Yan: Qing Yuwei wanted to compliment Bu Yan, but she wasn’t sure if boys like being called cute. However, Bu Yan enjoyed how expressive Qing Yuwei was around him.

Heading Home: Qing Yuwei realized it was getting late and had to get back home. Bu Yan reminded her that she still had access to the door, and if she didn’t, she could visit him. He had prepared some cakes for her and had something to tell her.

Muli Yang and An Xun’s Game: Meanwhile, Muli Yang and An Xun were busy playing a game with a wooden man. Muli Yang mentioned that he had to play this game every day to keep An Xun Wen Wen out of trouble.

Once More (Credit: KuaiKan Manhua)

The Next Morning: The next morning, Muli Yang woke up feeling numb because An Xun Wen Wen and An Xun had accidentally crushed him while sleeping.

Chapter 157 and More: Now, readers are eagerly awaiting Chapter 157 to see what happens next. Will Bu Yan and Qing Yuwei’s relationship survive the changes in their lives? However, it’s uncertain if the author will continue the story, as the manhua series has concluded with Chapter 156. There’s been no news from the author about a possible continuation.

Bu Yan’s Surprise: Bu Yan gave Qing Yuwei some snacks, but she told him she didn’t need so many. He explained that he wouldn’t be able to make snacks for her every day, hinting that he might get busier.

Bu Yan’s Job Change: Bu Yan finally revealed that he had to help his family with their business, and the shop had been transferred to Cheng Qi. This meant they wouldn’t see each other as often as before.

A Promise: Qing Yuwei put her hair tie on Bu Yan’s wrist, a gesture that meant they were a couple. She jokingly asked him not to talk to other girls, but Bu Yan reassured her, and she trusted him wholeheartedly.

In conclusion, the future of Bu Yan and Qing Yuwei’s story is uncertain, but fans hope for more. The author hasn’t shared any updates about continuing the manhua, so we may have to accept that Chapter 156 concluded their story for now.

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