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Who Knew Dragons Could Be This Cute Chapter 49: What You Need to Know

Hey there! If you’re a fan of “Who Knew Dragons Could Be This Cute,” get ready for Chapter 49. Here’s the scoop in simple terms:

Meet Kasius Eren Ambrose

Our main character is Kasius Eren Ambrose, the super handsome Grand Duke of The Ineris Empire. Seriously, he’s like a work of art! But, as they say, looks can be deceiving.

(Credits: Manga Daily)

A Mysterious Letter

So, in the story, this commoner named Arcelia ends up in the Duke’s office because of a one-word letter. The catch is, Arcelia knows about something super important called “The Piece of God.” It’s like some magical thing that Duke Kasius needs to unlock his full power.

Duke’s Hidden Secret

You see, Duke Kasius has this secret—he can transform into a child and an adult, but he needs magic for that. Without it, he’s cursed to stay in one form. Only the Emperor and the Crown Prince know about this.

Arcelia’s Special Power

Now, Arcelia is no ordinary girl. She can read minds and see the truth in stuff. She’s like a truth detective. So, Duke Kasius decides to put her powers to the test.

A Risky Deal

Arcelia wants something in return for helping the Duke, and it’s not just because she’s nice. She needs money. But here’s the twist: Arcelia woke up in this world from a regular Earth life, and now she’s stuck inside the body of an orphan girl named Arcelia.

A Unique Ability

To make things even crazier, she gained this power to see the truth of things and people. But using this power tires her out and gives her massive headaches. Plus, once folks found out about her power, they started avoiding her.

Chapter 49 Coming Soon

Now, the exciting part: Chapter 49 of “Who Knew Dragons Could Be This Cute” is dropping on October 5, 2023. Mark your calendars!

So, there you have it, all the juicy details about Chapter 49. Stay tuned for more dragon-filled adventures! 🐉✨ #DragonCuties #Chapter49 #Excited

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