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Who Is The Traitor in Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Tenjiku Arc? Explained

In the latest season of Tokyo Revengers, called Season 3, there’s a big mystery going on about a traitor in Toman. If you’ve read the manga, you might already know who this traitor is. But if you haven’t, you’re in the dark.

Takemichi, the main character, doesn’t have a clue about the traitor. He even thought that Kisaki, another character, might be able to time travel like him. The season kicks off with Toman fighting the Tenjiku gang, but Takemichi has no idea who these Tenjiku guys are.

In the first episode, Kakucho warned Takemichi about a traitor in Toman, and that made viewers really curious. People who haven’t read the manga might feel a bit left out because manga readers already know who the betrayer is.

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The Hunt for the Traitor in Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Tenjiku Arc

The main focus of this season is figuring out who the traitor is. Be careful reading further because we’re going to talk about spoilers.

Takemichi has been suspecting that one of the Toman members is a traitor. The Tokyo Manji gang had an emergency meeting, and Takemichi thought that Kakucho might have told them this to confuse him.

The meeting happened because Takemichi and the gang were under attack all over Tokyo. They had never heard of Tenjiku, but they realized that this gang really hated Toman.

They planned to invade Yokohama, but Takemichi believed it was all part of Kisaki’s plan. He decided to talk to Naoto about Chifuyu’s suggestion and find out everything about what was going on in their gang and what would happen in the future.

 (Credits: LIDENFILMS Studio)

About Tokyo Revengers Season 3

In this season, we’re diving into the Tenjiku Arc. The story starts with Mitsuya and Draken talking about their past as the Twin Dragons. Mitsuya left home and met Draken way before he got involved with Mikey. They talked about a Japanese meat dish they shared, and Mitsuya didn’t think the place where they ate would still be there. But it was!

Mitsuya remembered his little sisters Luna and Mana and hoped they were doing okay. We also get to see how Draken and Mitsuya first met and how their friendship grew over the years. Mitsuya’s childhood was really tough, but he’s never stopped following Draken since that day.

Unmasking the Traitor in Tokyo Revengers Season 3: Tenjiku Arc

Yasuhiro Muto is revealed as the traitor in Tokyo Revengers Season 3 during the Tenjiku Arc. The trouble starts when the Tenjiku Gang beats up Akun Takemichi and his friends. Chifuyu tried to protect them, but he couldn’t stand up to the Tenjiku Gang.

Takemichi had never heard of Tenjiku, and this fight never happened in the past. Kisaki became the leader of the Yokohama Tenjiku after being kicked out of Toman. This season has some big moments, including three deaths. Emma, Izana, and Kisaki all die in the finale of the Tenjiku Arc.

Kisaki had liked Hina since they were kids, but when he proposed to her, she turned him down. By then, Hina was in love with Takemichi, so Kisaki felt like a loser and wanted revenge. Viewers also get to see flashbacks of Kaku and Izana as kids and their deep friendship.

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