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Who Is Elizabeth Rizzini’s Partner? Meet The BBC Weather Presenter’s Love Interest

Elizabeth Rizzini is a popular figure on the internet these days because she’s talking about her partner’s documentary. The documentary is called “Being Frank,” and it was shown in 2020. Some people might find it upsetting. This got people curious about her love life. Who is Elizabeth in a romantic relationship with?

Meet Elizabeth Rizzini:

Elizabeth Rizzini is a hardworking journalist who currently works for BBC London. She was born in 1975 and is now 48 years old. Her job is to tell people about the weather in the morning and at lunchtime for BBC South East and Look East.

Before this, she used to work for the Met Office as a weather news presenter. She also talked about space weather on a show called “The Sky at Night.”

Elizabeth’s Personal Life:

Elizabeth was married before, but her marriage ended around 2016. After that, she found someone special in her life. So, who is this special person?

Meet Elizabeth Rizzini’s Partner, Frank Gardner:

Elizabeth Rizzini’s partner is Frank Gardner. He is a journalist, author, and used to be in the British Army Reserve. Currently, he works as the security correspondent for the BBC. He’s known for his work on the BBC Six O’Clock News.

Frank was married to Amanda Jane Pearson for 22 years, but they divorced in 2019. The good news is that they are still friends.

(Credits: The Telegraph)

How They Met:

Elizabeth and Frank’s relationship started after Frank’s divorce from Amanda. They probably met each other at work, maybe in an elevator. Rumors even said they were seen sharing kisses at a pub in South London.

Frank’s Challenges:

Frank Gardner made headlines when he was attacked by Al Qaeda gunmen years ago. The attack left him paralyzed on his left side. Despite these challenges, Elizabeth admires Frank for how he continues with his life. She even described him as “devastatingly handsome” in a documentary.

Supportive Partners:

Elizabeth and Frank support each other a lot. Frank feels lucky to have her by his side and says she’s wonderful company. They have a strong bond, almost like having a first girlfriend.

Frank’s Disability:

Elizabeth shared that many people were inspired by Frank’s story and the challenges he faced. He uses a wheelchair, but not everyone understands the pain he goes through, both mentally and physically.

Age Difference:

There’s a big age gap between Elizabeth Rizzini and Frank Gardner. Frank is 15 years older than Elizabeth. They like to joke about it, and Elizabeth teases him about it.

Are They Married?

No, Elizabeth and Frank are not married. They are still in love but haven’t talked about getting married, so there are no wedding plans for now.

Elizabeth’s Children:

From her previous marriage, Elizabeth has a couple of children whom she loves very much.

Best Wishes:

We wish Elizabeth Rizzini all the best in her life. You can follow her on social media for more updates. Let’s hope her relationship with Frank Gardner continues to stay strong.

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