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When a Thousand Moons Rise Chapter 88 Release Date!”

In the upcoming Chapter 88, readers will get to know more about Haesang and the mysterious nun. In the last chapter, Haesang met the nun but couldn’t figure out the secret of the golden night.

Chapter 88 Preview:

In the next chapter, we’ll find out how Mr. Lee plans to locate Nogyung. Haesang noticed that the smell from a vent was the same as the smell of grass. The nun told her it was Eori’s grass, which could make people fall asleep if they smelled it but also give energy to the islanders.

Credit: Kakao Webtoon)

This grass was going to be important until the golden night. Haesang aimed her gun at the nun and asked about her plans for the golden night and what would happen afterward.

Haesang’s Questions:

Haesang wanted to understand why the nun was causing trouble for her and the children in the tunnel. She needed answers to decide whether to involve the police or handle it herself. The nun reminded Haesang of the time when she used to hear whispers in her yearbook and felt anxious.

The nun explained that all the upper island kids had anxiety in their hearts and were incomplete beings. The festival was supposed to make them complete and give them a silent night.

Haesang’s Decision:

Haesang decided to deal with the nun herself. She thought that whether the nun was a ghost or a human, she needed to act. But when she aimed her gun, the whispers returned. The nun told her those were the never-ending whispers inside her head.

Credit: Kakao Webtoon)

The nun explained that all the upper island children had to return home, and only she could grant them a complete human life.

The Origin of the Festival:

The story also mentions a small event where humans wrote down their wishes and floated them in the river. This event excited Okto and made Nuni think they were lucky days. However, things changed when the nun arrived in their lives.

Nuni’s Concerns:

Nuni, who had encountered many monsters in the past, found the nun terrifying and believed she ate humans. But during that time, Yisun seemed like a bigger threat to him. As the nun settled in the village, the golden night began, and Nuni couldn’t stop thinking about Yisun and the nun.

Release Date for Chapter 88:

When a Thousand Moons Rise Chapter 88 is expected to be released on Thursday, October 5, 2023. Get ready for more exciting developments in the story!

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