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What’s Happening in SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 97?

In the upcoming Chapter 97 of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter, we’ll find out what Gongja (MC) plans to do next. The Lady Golden Flower wants him to return to her side, but Gongja wants to stay with Raviel (Lady Silver Lily). The biggest concern for Gongja is how well he’ll sync up with the Lady Golden Flower.

 (Credits: Kakao)

A Difficult Choice for Gongja

Gongja (MC) is in a tough spot. He doesn’t know whether he should stick with Raviel or go back to the Lady Golden Flower. This decision is complicated because the Lady Golden Flower doesn’t like Raviel at all; she’s also fond of the Crown Prince and has taken Gongja (MC) away from her service.

Chapter 97 Release Date

If you’re eager to know when Chapter 97 of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter will be released, don’t worry! We’ll discuss the release date and share some potential spoilers in this article.

Chapter 97 Release Date

Chapter 97 of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter is set to be released on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

Potential Spoilers

We don’t have any spoilers for Chapter 97 at the moment because the raw version comes out just 10 hours before the official release. However, we can discuss some possible events based on the novel version.

In this chapter, we might get more insight into Gongja’s thoughts about the situation. We’ll see what happens with the “whip,” which was originally a big stick. Raviel asked for a specific cane multiple times, and we might see the consequences of that.

The novel had more conversations and inner monologues from Gongja, which added depth to the story. We may also see some confrontations between characters, like the Lady of the Golden Flower, before the arrival of the Crown Prince.

 (Credits: Kakao)

The Complicated Relationships

The Lady of the Golden Flower’s actions are questionable. She’s causing trouble in the kingdom as one of the invading apostles of a god. This raises doubts about whether she’s truly a good person. Her motivations for being with the Crown Prince seem to be driven by spite towards Raviel, making the situation even more complex.

Gongja’s synchronization rate with the Lady Golden Flower is alarmingly high, which might change his role in the story significantly. In a way, he’s becoming more like the Lady Golden Flower and less like himself.

So, in Chapter 97, we can expect some intense developments in the story, shedding light on the intricate relationships between the characters.

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