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What Happens if Rain Affects India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Match?

India and Pakistan are getting ready to face off in a big cricket match in Kandy this Saturday. This is always an exciting game because these two neighboring countries have a strong rivalry, and lots of people watch it.

But there’s a problem. The weather in Sri Lanka, where the match is happening, doesn’t look good. The weather reports say there’s a very high chance of rain, and even thunderstorms might happen. The rain might start in the morning and last until the afternoon.

So, what happens if it rains during the game?

Possible Delays or Shortened Game:

If the rain is heavy, the match might start later than planned or even stop and start again.

How to Make the Match Count:

For the game to be counted as a proper match, both teams need to play at least 20 overs. An over is a set of six balls bowled by a bowler. If the team that’s chasing (trying to win) gets interrupted by rain and can’t finish their turns, the target they need to reach might change based on how many overs are left.

Shortened Game:

If the rain causes a long delay at the beginning, the match might be shortened to 30 or even just 20 overs per side.

Washed-Out Game:

If the rain is so heavy that the game can’t be played at all, both India and Pakistan will get one point each.

What It Means for India and Pakistan:

If the match gets washed out, Pakistan will have three points because they won their first match against Nepal by a big margin.

For India, this is their first match in the tournament. If the match is canceled due to rain, they will have one point. Then, they will need to win their next match against Nepal to move on to the next rounds.

Looking Forward:

India, led by Rohit Sharma, wants to do well in this tournament because it helps them prepare for the ICC ODI World Cup, which is happening in India in October. They’re hoping to win their 8th Asia Cup title.

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