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Home » Whang Ze Faces a Monstrous Challenge in Chapter 89 of “Becoming King After Being Bitten”

Whang Ze Faces a Monstrous Challenge in Chapter 89 of “Becoming King After Being Bitten”

Whang Ze’s Tough Battle with Monsters

In the latest chapter of “Becoming King After Being Bitten,” Whang Ze finds himself in a fierce battle with a horde of monsters. His main target is the leader of these creatures, but things aren’t going as planned.

The Relentless Horde

Whang Ze has been slaying countless monsters, but their leader remains unfazed. No matter how many wounds Whang Ze inflicts, it doesn’t seem to hurt the leader. Instead, his attacks make the leader even angrier, and he orders his minions to wipe out all humans.

A Risky Challenge

Credits: Kuaikan Manhua

Whang Ze willingly took on a challenging test to gain more power from God Huria. Failing this test means his soul will be trapped forever. To succeed, he must clear 24 gates, obtaining 30% of God Huria’s power. Only special individuals with 1% of God’s power can attempt this dangerous test.

Facing the Trials

Whang Ze is determined to overcome the trials because he knows the rewards are worth it. The story is set in a fantasy world ruled by the Blood Clan, and unbitten humans are considered evil.

Upcoming Chapter

Fans are eagerly waiting to see how Whang Ze will tackle this trial and survive. The previous chapter saw him freeing brainwashed people from the monster’s control. Now, he’s facing the leader, who underestimates him.

A Battle of Wits

Whang Ze decides to confront the leader to finish the test quickly. However, the leader easily counters his attacks and even breaks Whang Ze’s arm. The leader offers a deal, but Whang Ze refuses, intensifying their confrontation.

Release Date

Chapter 89 of “Becoming King After Being Bitten” is set to release on September 13, 2023, at midnight KST. Fans can’t wait to see how Whang Ze’s epic battle unfolds.

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