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Weapon Maker Chapter 9: Shin’s Dungeon Quest

In this chapter, our main character Shin Joonseoh is on a quest inside a dungeon to find a special crystal. Another character, Yoon Taeheon, is very interested in Shin after seeing him fight in the dungeon. Yoon really wants Shin to join his group.

Story Progress and Pace

The story has been going well and at a good speed, but since only seven chapters are out, it’s still early to judge. The story is still developing, and we will soon learn more about Shin and whether he will join Yoon’s group.

Shin’s Decision

Shin has decided not to join Yoon’s group. He wants to become stronger secretly because he suspects that there’s someone else with knowledge of the future who’s hunting talented awakeners.

Credits: Naver

Release Date for Chapter 9

If you’re waiting for the next chapter of Weapon Maker, don’t worry! We’ll talk about when Chapter 9 will be out and where you can read it.

Why Shin is Mining Crystals

Shin is mining crystals to level up his magic power. He’s working in low-level dungeons to avoid drawing too much attention. But the crystals he needs only appear in special dungeons that change from D to C rank.

Shin’s Unique Ability

Shin has a special ability. He can absorb power from boss monsters in these special dungeons. This helps him defeat the boss, gain power, and use a contract ability to erase their memories.

Credits: Naver

Predictions for Chapter 9

In Chapter 9, Shin will continue to join lower-level groups in high-level dungeons to level up quickly and safely. However, he knows that some people are hunting awakeners like him. He doesn’t team up with a powerful hunter who can’t find a reliable weapon, even though it would make things easier. Instead, he plans to face danger and maybe seek help later.

Release Date for Chapter 9

Weapon Maker Chapter 9 is expected to come out on Thursday, September 21, 2023 (KST).

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