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Ways to Satisfy a Devil Chapter 13 Release Date

The next chapter of “Ways to Satisfy a Devil” is coming soon! In this chapter, something important is happening between the Duke and the princess, and fans can’t wait to find out what it is.

Recap of Chapter 12: What Happened Before

Before we dive into Chapter 13, let’s take a quick look at Chapter 12. In Chapter 12, the princess goes to a secret meeting place suggested by the Duke. She’s surprised when the Duke himself shows up to escort her. She’s curious about the purpose of this meeting.

Discovering the Mysterious Location

As the chapter unfolds, the princess realizes they’re at the Alberich Royal Palace, which terrifies her. She believes this is where a demon will appear. She’s also puzzled about why the “Blasphemer” would come here.

A Mysterious Conversation with the Duke

During their meeting, the Duke tells the princess that people come to this place to seek a god, hoping the god will save them. He even shares a strange fact that makes him laugh – the god is somehow connected to the King’s face.

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The Balance Between Light and Dark

The Duke discusses the balance between light and dark, how they depend on each other. He questions what might happen if the light people rely on causes them to ignore others’ suffering.

The Intriguing Book

The Duke picks up a book and starts reading about the “Bloody Lady Saint,” who had godly powers and a warm heart but committed a terrible act.

Chapter 13: Release Date

Now, the exciting news! “Ways to Satisfy a Devil” Chapter 13 will be available for fans to read on September 16, 2023. Get ready for more twists and turns in the story!

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