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Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 33 Coming Soon!

In the previous chapter, Junghwan told Dahye that he liked her, and Seonho had a strange attachment to an ugly wooden dinosaur. Now, let’s dive into what’s happening next.

Seonho’s Story Unveiled

Readers are curious about Seonho’s background in Chapter 33. Junghwan is a bit sad because he was the last one to spend time with Dahye during their night strolls.

Junghwan’s Request

Junghwan asks Dahye for one more chance to get to know her better. Dahye agrees, and they plan to go for another stroll. But, in the morning, Dahye runs into Seonho, who’s just finished jogging.

Concern for Dahye

Seonho notices a red mark on Dahye’s arm from getting hit by a ball. He offers his handkerchief but hesitates, unsure if rich people use them.

Credits: Kakao Page

A Mystery Unfolds

Dahye realizes Seonho also treasures the wooden dinosaur she made. She notices he’s quite quiet and wants to get closer to him but isn’t sure how. Later, she goes for a stroll with Junghwan, wanting to know more about him.

Junghwan’s Feelings

Junghwan opens up to Dahye, sharing that he thinks about her a lot. Meeting her again on the show means a lot to him. He confesses that he hasn’t dated anyone before because he wanted to become someone she would like.

A Dream Come True

Junghwan tells Dahye that meeting her is like a dream, and it’s the happiest day of his life.

Chapter 33 Release Date

You can expect Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 33 to be released on Monday, September 18, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST. Enjoy the story!

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