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Universe’s Strongest First Love Chapter 17 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers & Everything You Must Know!

Wooju recently lost her father, and she was feeling very sad. But now, she has a friend named Huimun who is helping her feel better. Wooju felt like it was her fault that her father had passed away, and this made her very upset. In the story “Universe’s Strongest First Love,” Huimun and Wooju are becoming good friends, and he is always there to help her.

 [Credits: Naver Comic]

Wooju was finding it hard to show her feelings because she was so sad. Huimun understood this and stayed with her to help her cope with her sadness. Huimun is the main character in this story, and he is a kind and caring person who takes care of Wooju.

People who are reading this story are touched by how Huimun is supporting Wooju and letting her express her sadness. Many of Wooju’s friends came to celebrate her late father’s birthday, but Huimun’s support meant the most to her.

Wooju and Huimun have a great connection, and this makes the story interesting for readers. In many romance stories, the main characters’ chemistry can be dull, making the story less exciting. However, in the case of Wooju and Huimun, their relationship feels natural, and readers are already falling in love with this charming couple.

“Universe’s Strongest First Love” is a romantic drama with a touch of sci-fi. The story is about Wooju, who lost her dad and became interested in aliens. She met a student named Huimun who shares her passion for aliens. In this article, we will talk about the release date of Chapter 18, recap the previous chapter, and tell you where to read the story.

 [Credits: Naver Comic]

Chapter 17 Recap: Wooju’s Guilt and Huimun’s Support

In the previous chapter of “Universe’s Strongest First Love,” Wooju’s friends gathered at her house to remember her father’s birthday. During the gathering, Wooju had a flashback about her father and how she took his lucky headlamp before he went on a climbing expedition.

Sadly, her father went missing while climbing Mt. Everest, and everyone thought he was gone forever because no news came about him for a long time. Wooju believed it was her fault, thinking that taking her father’s lucky charm caused his disappearance.

However, her guilt was not based on reality, and it was what we call survivor’s guilt, a common theme in stories. The service for her father ended, and her friends left her with her mother. When Wooju was alone, her friends discussed her father’s popularity as a climber and how his disappearance had made headlines.

Huimun was surprised by this and rushed to be by Wooju’s side. He wanted to make sure she didn’t feel sad alone. Wooju told Huimun that she hadn’t felt sad when her father passed or during the memorial service, but seeing Huimun’s unconditional support made her cry.

 [Credits: Naver Comic]

Chapter 18 Release Date

Chapter 18 of “Universe’s Strongest First Love” is set to be released on Saturday, October 7, 2023.

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