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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 73: Riftan and Maxi’s Argument

In this chapter, we’ll see Riftan and Maxi having a big argument. Here’s what happens:

Maxi’s Feelings of Inferiority

Maxi has been feeling pretty down lately. She thinks that the Princess is brave and strong, and she’s been comparing herself to her. Maxi wants to prove herself by helping injured knights in the dangerous forest, even though it’s risky.

Maxi Gets Attacked

While Maxi is out there trying to help, a monster attacks her. She’s in bad shape because she used up too much of her magical power healing other people.

Riftan’s Concerns

Riftan has always been protective of Maxi. He doesn’t want her in harm’s way and wants her to have a comfortable life in the castle. Maxi’s actions go against what he wants for her, and he’s pretty upset about it.

Credits: Manta

Recap of Chapter 72

In the previous chapter, Maxi was helping wounded knights with her healing magic. She’s gotten really good at it, and one knight suggests she goes back to the castle because she looks sickly.

Maxi’s Worries

Maxi wants to wait for the Remdragon Knights to return because she’s worried about Riftan. She tells the knight this, but he finds it a bit funny since Riftan is so strong. She agrees to go back to the castle if they don’t return soon.

A Sudden Attack

Right when they’re talking, a huge monster attacks them. The knight protects Maxi, but she’s feeling really weak and cold.

Riftan’s Heroic Arrival

Just when things look bad, Riftan shows up and slays the monster with the help of Princess Agnes.

Maxi’s Condition

Maxi passes out and wakes up in her room, feeling extremely cold. Riftan tells her it’s because she used too much magic, and he’s taking care of her.

Chapter 73 Release Date

You can expect Chapter 73 of “Under the Oak Tree” to come out on Monday, September 18, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST.

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