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Umika’s Plan to Help Akeuchi in Stardust Telepath Episode 2

In the last episode, Umika learned that Akeuchi, who came to Earth from another place, forgot her mission. Now, viewers are excited to find out how Umika will assist Akeuchi in going back home. But Umika is also facing her own challenges on Earth.

Umika’s Worries About High School

Umika was getting ready for her high school entrance ceremony, but she felt very nervous. She knew that she wasn’t good at talking to people or making friends. She believed that no matter what she said, nobody would understand her. She really wanted to meet an alien from a shooting star to help her with this.

Umika’s First Day at School

The next day, Umika went to school, and her teacher, Emihara-sensei, introduced herself. Unfortunately, Umika got scolded for not paying attention. She felt embarrassed, but her classmate, Haruno, told her not to worry. Haruno said that introductions are always a bit scary. Umika wanted to thank her, but she couldn’t find the right words.

(Credits: Studio Gokumi)

Umika’s Struggle to Fit In

When it was her turn to introduce herself, Umika’s words got stuck in her throat, and she turned red with embarrassment. She tried her best to be polite, but she felt hopeless because she couldn’t talk and laugh like everyone else. Most of the time, Umika felt like she was from a different world and didn’t belong with her classmates.

Umika used to dream about going to another place where people could understand her. She researched and found out that some aliens could communicate using telepathy. So, she decided to find these aliens to finally belong somewhere.

Unexpected Encounter with “Alien” Akeuchi

During the entrance ceremony, a strange girl named Yuu Akeuchi barged in, claiming to be an alien. She explained that her spaceship had broken down, making her late for the ceremony. This unexpected encounter with an “alien” surprised Umika.

Umika had prepared by buying a dictionary to learn an alien language, but when she approached Akeuchi, the other girls thought it was a joke. They praised Akeuchi for her entrance and said it was all part of her act.

Akeuchi’s Unique Abilities

However, Akeuchi noticed Umika with her alien dictionary and approached her. She started a conversation with Umika in an alien language. Akeuchi told Umika she wanted to see her forehead, and when she touched it, she could sense all of Umika’s emotions. Akeuchi explained that this power was called “foreheadpathy” and was unique to aliens.

Umika’s Desire for Friendship

Umika found Akeuchi to be innocent, mysterious, and warm. She felt that Akeuchi was different from other humans, and she desperately wanted to be her friend. However, Umika wasn’t confident that her words could reach anyone. She hoped that Akeuchi would accept her as a friend despite her communication struggles.

Upcoming Episode

The second episode of Stardust Telepath is set to be released on Monday, October 16, 2023. Viewers are eager to see how Umika and Akeuchi’s relationship develops and whether Umika will be able to help Akeuchi with her mission.

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