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True Education Chapter 126 – Confronting Discrimination

Lee Makhyun Confronted by a Brave Teacher

In the upcoming True Education Chapter 126, something big is about to happen. Lee Makhyun, who had been using race discrimination as a tactic to avoid trouble, is finally going to face a teacher who stands up to him.

Hwang Hojun’s Background

Hwang Hojun grew up in a farming village where he was the only Korean student in his elementary school class during the entrance ceremony. He met a student of Ethiopian descent named Lee Mukhyun, who made fun of his ethnicity by calling him “yellowface.” Their neighborhood had more foreigners than Koreans, and most young people left the area, resulting in fewer births among Koreans.

Bullying in Middle School

In Hwang Hojun’s middle school, there were more mixed-race and foreign students than pure Koreans. This made the Korean students a minority and an easy target for bullying, especially by Lee Mukhyun, who was bigger and stronger than his classmates.

Credits: Naver Webtoon

Mukhyun’s Reputation

Mukhyun gained a reputation as a troublemaker in the neighborhood, earning the nickname “wild horse.” Even high school students were afraid to confront him.

The Arrival of Daniel Hyun

A new English teacher, Daniel Hyun, arrived in their class. When the students asked about his background, Daniel shared that his mother was Korean and his father was American. He used to live in Manhattan before moving to Korea. When Mukhyun brought up a term related to race, Daniel explained that it came from a place where racism was common, and he didn’t agree with it.

Confrontation with the Teacher

Mukhyun lost his temper in front of the teacher when Daniel mentioned racism. He challenged Daniel and said he wouldn’t obey unless Daniel resorted to violence. However, Daniel handled the situation differently. He handcuffed Mukhyun and suggested they talk instead of resorting to violence.

Release Date for Chapter 126

True Education Chapter 126 will be released on Sunday, September 17, 2023, at 10:00 PM KST.

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