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Treating Friends Preciously Chapter 12 – The Romance Story Continues

In this latest part of the romance story, we follow a young woman who woke up in a strange situation. She’s now inside a romance novel she once read, but she’s taken on the role of the villain’s sister, who died at 16. She’s determined to change her fate and create her own story.

Meet the Main Character: Laviolette Diaz

Our main character, whose name remains a mystery, suddenly finds herself in the body of Laviolette Diaz, a side character in the novel. Laviolette is the weak younger sister of Werner Diaz, the story’s main character, who becomes the antagonist. Despite her fragile health, Laviolette is a spirited kid.

The Special Friend: Akkad Enoch

Laviolette has a close friend named Akkad, who has a remarkable secret. Only his family and Laviolette know that his touch can heal miraculously. Laviolette keeps him close and relies on his healing whenever she’s sick. Little does she know that Akkad is deeply in love with her, and he goes to great lengths to make her comfortable, even sharing a bed with her.

New Character: Cade Kourtney

Enter Cade Kourtney, the son of Count Kourtney and Akkad’s cousin. Cade bullies Akkad out of jealousy because Akkad is set to inherit the Duke’s title, while Cade has no chance. Cade takes advantage of Akkad’s timid nature and even physically attacks him.

Recent Events: Akkad’s Return

In the previous chapter, Akkad returns to Laviolette after an absence caused by Cade’s attack, which left him with a facial injury. Akkad takes things literally and feels insecure about his injured hands. Cade’s hurtful words about his hands upset him.

Laviolette’s Response

When Laviolette hears about Cade’s insults to Akkad, she gets furious and wants to confront Cade. But Akkad stops her because he’s worried that Cade’s charm will win her over. He can’t bear the thought of losing her to Cade, so he prevents her from going to Cade’s house.

Chapter 12 Hints: “The Great Duel”

In the upcoming Chapter 12, Laviolette plans something called the “Great Duel.” We don’t know exactly what it involves, but it’s sure to be eccentric, considering Laviolette’s character. Could it be a duel between Akkad and Cade? Akkad has some swordsmanship skills he might showcase during this event.

Release Date for Chapter 12

Look forward to reading Chapter 12 of “Treating Friends Preciously” around September 16th, 2023.

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