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Trash of the Count’s Family Chapter 106


▪ Cale met Rina and the other warriors of the jungle.

▪ Cale was planning to go to flames to help everyone.

Cale mentioned to Rina that he wanted to go into the jungle. Readers are curious to see if he will succeed in his plan in Chapter 106.

Cale introduced himself as someone from a small place in the Raun kingdom. Rina was surprised that he was from the north.

Rina told him that they were jungle warriors, and Cale wondered if they were hiding their identity on purpose. He said he came from a small noble family and was never short on money for his adventures, thanks to his family. Cale also talked about his party and the adventures he had with Ohn in the jungle.

(Credit: Kakao Page)

He mentioned a special power he had acquired, which could suppress fire and was connected to a necklace. This power was linked to water and could put out any fire. Cale explained that it was originally discovered by someone named Tunka, and it made fire not harm the body.

Cale told Rina that he could only use this power in limited amounts and wasn’t entirely sure about its full capabilities. He said the amount of water used was enormous and could extinguish a fire across the entire western continent.

Rina was concerned about Cale using this power with its limits. Cale explained that the power didn’t discriminate, but location was crucial. He believed if he could protect nature, plants, animals, and the people’s lives, he could use this power effectively. However, he needed to be near the fire to use it.

(Credit: Kakao Page)

Rina thought it was too dangerous, but Cale wanted to help others with his power and was happy to do so. He came to the forest to assist them, and Rina wanted to repay him for his kindness. Their community was grateful for his guidance and for him going into the flames for them. However, they also understood that Cale was using limited power and wanted to do something in return.

The next chapter, Chapter 106, will be released on Thursday, October 19, 2023.

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