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Trash of the Count’s Family Chapter 102 Cale’s Treasure Hunt

In this chapter of “Trash of the Count’s Family,” Cale continues his quest to explore the Mage’s Tower and uncover its hidden secrets. With the assistance of his friend Muller, he’s on the trail of the Master of the Mage Tower’s Secret Room, filled with valuable treasures. Cale’s journey is guided by his knowledge from a novel he read before his transmigration.

Cale’s Ambition:
Cale is determined to use his knowledge to acquire rare and precious items, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious life for himself. He even recruits the son of the Mage Tower’s builder to aid him in achieving his goals.

Cale’s Ultimate Goal:
From the very beginning of this series, Cale’s primary objective has been to lead a comfortable and trouble-free life, even amidst the chaos of the world around him. He aspires to accumulate enough wealth to live the life he desires. This dream is especially meaningful to him, considering his previous life as an orphan named Kim Roksoon, where he had nothing.

Valuable Allies:
Along the way, Cale has made valuable allies who support and protect him, adding a sense of security to his journey.

About “Trash of the Count’s Family”:
This manhwa is an isekai and adventure story filled with comedy and magic. It has gained popularity due to its unique premise: the protagonist doesn’t want to be the hero but rather prefers a laid-back life.

What to Expect in Chapter 102:
In this upcoming chapter, readers can anticipate Cale’s plan to amass funds and his adventures in the series. We’ll provide details on the release date, recap the previous chapter, and share where you can read the manhwa.

Chapter 101 Recap:
In the previous chapter, Cale made a significant discovery in the Mage Tower’s basement – a unique treasure and the son of the tower’s architect, Muller. The treasures included a mana storage device and the secret behind the tower’s mana resistance. Cale claimed these treasures for himself, outsmarting the non-mage faction who had intended to find them.

Credits: Kakaopage

Chapter 102 Preview:
In this chapter, Cale seeks information about the Master of the Mage Tower’s room from Muller. Muller reveals that it’s on the twentieth floor. Cale takes precautions by having the Dragon set up magical traps and barriers in the basement to prevent others from accessing the treasures.

The party moves to the twentieth floor, and Muller explains that there’s another hidden floor in the Mage Tower called Ground Zero. Muller uses magic to open the gateway to this secret room, but it appears that nothing changes. To test Muller’s words, Cale throws him out of the window before entering the room with the Dragon, Hong, and On. Inside, they discover a room filled with gold, riches, and rare artifacts, promising great wealth for Cale.

Chapter 102 Release Date:
“Trash of the Count’s Family” Chapter 102 is set to be released on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST.

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