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Trapped In a Cursed Game, But Now With NPCs – Chapter 26: Understanding and Challenges

In this chapter, the female lead and the ‘Dark Prince’ will grow closer. They won’t become romantically involved, but they will start understanding each other better, and some misunderstandings will be cleared up. However, it’s too early in the story to talk about love, and the female lead is still trying to figure out who she might want to marry.

The main focus of Yumejoshi is a bit like a reverse harem, where the female lead is admired by many characters. But in a scary game setting, things are different. The female lead has to think about her life because it’s at risk, and she also has to worry about her future.

She’s also concerned about the fate of the entire world because she has a strong sense of responsibility. The world is in bad shape, and if she doesn’t do something, it could descend into chaos. If that happens, she’ll perish along with everyone else, so she’s determined to keep going.

Chapter 25 Recap

In the previous chapter, the female lead and the male lead, who we’ll call the ‘edgy prince,’ had some communication problems. They didn’t get along well and often argued. However, things improved when the female lead created a special sword for the edgy prince. He liked it, and it had the potential to grow stronger with him. It wasn’t a super overpowered weapon, but it was a significant improvement.

Through this sword, we’ll see the male lead’s growth and how he faces challenges from the empire and its enemies. He’s been battling them for a while, but now he has a new weapon. Additionally, the female lead has healing abilities that can help him recover.

Credits: Kakao

Chapter 26 Spoilers

Chapter 26 will focus on the female lead and the determined crown prince of the kingdom. The crown prince is determined to save his kingdom at any cost, which is something not seen in the game before. This is an important development that catches the female lead’s attention.

So far, she’s been dealing with things she knows about, but the world is a game that no one has ever completed. Her existing knowledge will only get her so far, and she’ll have to learn everything she can about this unfamiliar world and how to turn things in her favor.

Chapter 26 Release Date

You can expect to read Chapter 26 of “Trapped In a Cursed Game, But Now With NPCs” on September 15, 2023.

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