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Tower Of God: Yuri and Tiara Face Chapter 592

In the previous chapter of Tower Of God, the leader of the Lobadon army decided to deal with Kirin. Fans are eager to see how this encounter unfolds in Chapter 592.

Haetae, a character in the story, told Kirin that the princess and Laura’s group were on a submarine. Kirin then ordered Haetae to destroy the Po Bidau battleship.

Yuri and Tiara were surprised by Kirin’s sudden appearance on their battleship. They wondered why he was invading their ship out of the blue.

Kirin himself was shocked to run into Yuri Zahard and Po Bidau Tiara. Yuri told Tiara that she didn’t think the Po Bidau family would create trouble over capturing Baam in this situation.

Tiara agreed, mentioning she had no idea how they got there so quickly.

At first, Tiara planned to retreat quietly, but things didn’t go as expected. Yuri noticed Tiara wasn’t even tipsy after all the drinking.

Tiara revealed her plan to take a funny picture of Yuri for future blackmail. But Yuri had a high tolerance for alcohol, just like her appearance.

Tiara explained that she intended to fight and clear out the enemies waiting outside. She even approached the irregular, asking Yuri to join her. However, Yuri hesitated because she didn’t know Baam wasn’t there.

Tiara insisted Yuri come along, fearing that Yuri might take the irregulars away if she didn’t keep an eye on her.

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Yuri firmly stated that she wasn’t a smuggler and decided not to get involved in the fight. Loco then warned Yuri and Tiara about Kirin’s army, which was connected to Lo Po Bia.

Tiara recognized Kirin as Lo Po Bia’s top authority figure due to his distinctive armor. She was surprised he was coming after her because Kirin had never left his place before.

Tiara felt it was hard to explain everything in detail but stressed the importance of Yuri’s involvement. She believed that if Kirin’s army captured the irregulars, Yuri would never see Baam again.

Tiara left the decision to Yuri, who couldn’t accept the thought of not meeting Baam again.

In the present time, Tiara was surprised that Yuri chose to fight alongside them instead of running away. Yuri explained that even if she wanted to escape, she had no place to go.

Yuri clarified that she wasn’t there to help Tiara fight the Lo Po Bia army. She was merely keeping an eye on Tiara because she seemed obsessed with Baam.

Yuri admitted that defeating Kirin wouldn’t be easy. Meanwhile, Kirin couldn’t believe that the two toughest women were standing before him. He had heard rumors of their fight on the mothership, but seeing them together made him think they might actually enjoy each other’s company.

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