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Tower of God Chapter 591 Release and What to Expect!”

Are you excited about the upcoming Tower of God Chapter 591? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know before it’s released. But first, let’s dive into what this manga is all about!

The Tower of Dreams

In the world of Tower of God, people can have whatever they desire—whether it’s money, fame, power, or revenge. All these desires are within the tower. Our hero, Baam, enters the tower following a girl named Lahel. The tower’s guardian, Headon, welcomes him and explains its purpose.

Credits: Naver Series)

If you want answers or anything else you desire, you have to climb to the top of the tower. It’s said that all the universe’s wisdom, glory, and happiness are at the tower’s peak. But climbing it is tough, dangerous, and a long journey. Baam doesn’t mind the dangers; he just wants to find Lahel. To ascend the tower, he must pass the tests on each floor. Will Baam succeed and reunite with Lahel? Only time will tell.

Recap of Chapter 590

In the last chapter, we saw Sir Ha Jin Seong and Sir Kel Helam visit Lord Grace Mirchea Luslec on the FUG Ship. Luslec is the leader of FUG and a master manipulator. He knows how to handle people like Jin Seong and Kel Helam and use them to his advantage. Meanwhile, a new ship with unique powers emerged, sparking a new conflict. This ship had devastating attacks and easily penetrated El Abuelo, a place considered tough for even high-rankers. The Vice President sought to deliver a book to the Family Head Lord, and the ship disappeared in an instant, even without a gate.

Credits: Naver Series)

What to Expect in Chapter 591

In Chapter 591, we’ll discover more about what happened with the mysterious ship and its powerful abilities. Hopefully, things will return to normal, and no one will get hurt this time. Something unexpected occurred in a village, so the medical staff might have a crucial role to play. We might also learn more about Lobadon and his connection to Ms. Laura.

Release Date

Tower of God Chapter 591 will be released on October 1st, 2023, at 09:30 PM (Japanese Standard Time). Mark your calendars, and get ready to dive into the next exciting chapter of this epic manga!

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