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Tower Of God Chapter 589: The Tower’s Adventure Continues

In a Mysterious Tower

  • The story happens in a strange Tower of God.
  • This tower picks people randomly to be its heroes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Those chosen get special powers based on how they perform.
  • Some people enter the Tower on their own and gain even more powerful abilities.

Baam’s Journey

  • Baam is one of those who entered on his own.
  • He’s in love with Rachel, who was chosen to enter.
  • Baam wanted to go with her but couldn’t.
  • But he opened the Tower of God illegally and became an “Irregular.”
  • Irregulars are rare and have incredible powers.

Baam’s Growth

  • At first, Baam wasn’t very strong.
  • But he became one of the strongest Irregulars over time.
Credits: Naver Series

War and a Secret Book

  • The Tower is on the edge of a war between ten powerful families.
  • A book with their secrets could change the course of the war.

Baam’s Arrival

  • Baam is now with Androssi Zahard and has amazing powers.
  • They’re trying to find the secret book.

Current Story

  • Dumas and Ha Jin-Sung are in a tough fight.
  • Jin-Sung uses a powerful move but doesn’t feel like he took a life.
  • Dumas’s body starts healing itself.
  • Baam uses Shinwonryu to help Jin-Sung.
  • Dumas uses a wide attack that hurts everyone but Baam.

Chapter 589 Predictions

  • In the last chapter, Baam touched the secret book briefly.
  • We don’t know what knowledge he gained.
  • Dumas is really strong, and he might challenge Baam.
  • An exciting game is about to begin, and we can’t wait to see who wins.

Chapter 589 Release Date

  • You can expect to read Chapter 589 around September 18, 2023.

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