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Tokimori-san ga Muboubi desu!! Chapter 27

Chapter 27 of “Tokimori-san ga Muboubi desu!!” continues the story of Tokimori-san and Sugawa and their funny encounters. In the last chapter, they had to take care of a dog because their friend Nishi had an accident. Let’s see what happened!

Chapter 26 Recap: Taking Care of Tokimori-san And a Pet

In this chapter, Sugawa comes to Tokimori’s house after buying some things. He apologizes for being late but is surprised to find Tokimori sitting on the floor looking upset. Tokimori explains that their friend Nishi had an accident and is in the hospital. Nishi asked Tokimori to look after her pet for a day, and Tokimori agreed without asking Sugawa.

(Credit: Ganma)

Sugawa is shocked when a dog suddenly appears from a bag in the corner of the room. Tokimori starts taking care of the dog, named Momo, while Sugawa keeps his distance. When Tokimori asks why he’s acting distant, Sugawa reveals he was bitten by a dog when he was a child, and it still bothers him. Tokimori encourages him to face his fears.

While Tokimori and Momo play, Tokimori faints from exhaustion, but the dog stays close. Sugawa gets worried when Momo tugs at Tokimori’s clothes, but the dog listens to him when he tells it to stop. Sugawa begins to feel less anxious as he sees the dog’s innocent behavior.

After feeding Momo, Sugawa checks on Tokimori, who apologizes for the trouble. Sugawa isn’t bothered by it and realizes he overcame his fear because he wanted to help Tokimori. He thanks her and tries to call Momo again. When Tokimori gets close to him suddenly, The Dog bites Sugawa’s hand, startling him. Tokimori helps him calm down.

The day passes, and Nishi recovers from her injuries, so Momo goes back to her without any problems.

Chapter 27 Release Date

Chapter 27 of “Tokimori-san ga Muboubi desu!!” will be released on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

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