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Tiffany’s Quest to Break the Curse and the Fight for Survival Chapter 7

In this exciting tale, Tiffany and Elbert find themselves battling a monster inside a building, standing on the brink of danger. The story unfolds in Chapter 7 of “Cursed Night,” revealing how the characters in this world confront these monstrous challenges.

Tiffany’s Struggle to Break the Curse

Tiffany, a princess cursed by a witch, embarks on a quest to save herself and secure a long life. The curse, cast upon her shortly after entering adulthood, strips away her innocence, turning her into a selfish and indifferent individual. The curse not only makes Tiffany more self-centered but also heightens her frustration, leading to a night where she loses everything. Tiffany, in her panic, seeks solace with a select few individuals, attempting to regain a sense of control.

 (Credits: Tappytoon)

Diving into Chapter 7

Chapter 7 promises to delve deeper into the fantasy series, providing essential background information. Witches exist in this world, and one of them cursed Tiffany, dictating that she can only fall in love once before facing death within a month. Tiffany grapples with anxiety and struggles to connect with others due to the limitations imposed by the curse. Despite her comically evil yet somewhat good persona, there’s room for character development in future chapters.

Tiffany’s Complex Persona

Presently, Tiffany maintains a facade of strength and manipulation, driven by her singular goal of finding the man she had a brief encounter with and marrying him. However, the challenge lies in the submissive and coy nature of the typical male leads in such stories, making her quest far from easy.

 (Credits: Tappytoon)

Recap of Chapter 6

Chapter 6 unfolds with Tiffany saying unusual things in front of Elbert and others, seemingly berating him. However, it’s later revealed that this behavior is a strategic move to gain attention. The story takes an intriguing turn as the owner of the establishment observes the unfolding romantic drama. Tiffany’s jealousy takes center stage when a new bar girl is introduced, leading to unexpected revelations about her true identity.

What to Expect in Chapter 7

The upcoming chapter, set to release on November 22, 2023, promises to unravel more mysteries and intensify the fantasy series. As Tiffany and Elbert navigate their complex world, readers can anticipate more twists and turns in their journey.

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