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Home » ‘This time for Africa’: What India’s proposal to add African Union to G20 means

‘This time for Africa’: What India’s proposal to add African Union to G20 means

This time for Africa: India’s proposal to include African Union in G20

Remember the famous song by Shakira that goes, “This time for Africa… waka waka”? Well, it’s time for Africa indeed! India has shown strong support for the African Union (AU) to join the G20, and this is a big deal for several reasons.

1. India’s Global Role and Inclusivity

India is becoming a big player in global leadership and believes in including everyone. While some worry about China’s influence in Africa, India’s G20 representative, Amitabh Kant, said that adding African countries to the G20 is vital because there are 55 countries in Africa, and G20 should include both developed and developing nations. Africa has six of the world’s fastest-growing nations, so it’s essential to involve them in global growth.

2. India and Africa’s Strong Partnership

India and Africa have a long history of working together in trade, education, healthcare, and technology. India’s support for the AU’s G20 membership is not just symbolic; it’s a strategic move that builds on their partnership. India has been involved in projects like the Pan-African e-Network and the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme, showing its commitment to sharing resources and knowledge with African nations.

3. India’s Influence in the G20

India is a part of BRICS, a group that includes Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa. With India backing the AU’s G20 membership, it can influence other nations in the G20 who are still undecided.

4. India’s Unique Position

India currently holds the G20 presidency, giving it a special opportunity to shape the agenda and make the G20 more diverse and representative. This aligns with India’s goal of creating a multipolar world.

5. A Call for Inclusivity

India’s support highlights the need for a more inclusive G20, especially as countries in the Global South become more important in global affairs. The G20 needs to adapt to reflect today’s diverse world.

A Historic Moment in Diplomacy

India’s backing for the African Union’s G20 membership is a significant moment in international diplomacy. It not only helps the AU but also strengthens India’s position as a global leader advocating for a fair and representative world order. This aligns with the G20’s goals of addressing global economic challenges. India’s proposal marks a pioneering step towards a future where inclusivity and collective wisdom guide global decisions.

African Union’s G20 Membership Bid

The African Union’s request to join the G20 is a critical development in international governance. It shows Africa’s desire to have a more active role in shaping global policies. Many G20 members support this, with India playing a leading role.

Why the G20 Needs the AU

Adding the AU would make the G20 more representative and credible, speaking for around 80% of the world’s population. The United States and other nations support the AU’s bid because they believe African leadership and voices are essential.

Benefits for Africa

African nations would have a direct say in global issues like economic growth, climate change, and sustainable development as G20 members. The AU plans to lead its representation with its current chairperson, supported by the AU Commission Chairperson.

Critics and India’s Role

Some critics say India took time to propose Africa’s G20 membership formally. Still, India has been working on this significant move to make the G20 more inclusive, as Prime Minister Modi envisioned.

Time for Collective Action

As the G20 Summit approaches on September 9, all G20 member states should come together to support the AU’s membership. This would be a win for both Africa and the G20, making it a more inclusive and effective group.


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