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The Yuzuki Family: A Heartwarming Story – Episode 2

The second episode of “Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon Kyoudai – Youth Story of a Family” is about to come out this week. It’s a show about a family, and it’s produced by Shuka, with direction by Mitsuru Hongo. This anime captures the essence of what family life is like.

The characters in the show look great thanks to Ori Tanaka’s character designs and animation work. The music by Yoshikazu Suo adds a nice touch to the story. The show focuses on four brothers who are an important part of the Yuzuki family.

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Hayato is the oldest brother, and he takes care of the family as the breadwinner and a schoolteacher. Mikoto, the next oldest, is very protective of his younger brothers, especially Minato, who is gentle and reserved. And then there’s Gakuto, who is a confident first-grader and full of youthful energy.

The second episode of “Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon Kyoudai – Youth Story of a Family” is set to be released on October 12, 2023.

In the first episode, we meet the Yuzuki family, which has four brothers: Hayato, Mikoto, Gakuto, and Minato. They are the main characters of the show. The story is about how these siblings stick together and face life’s challenges after losing their parents. The first episode gives us a glimpse into their daily lives.

In this episode, Hayato, the oldest brother, is in charge of getting his younger siblings ready for school after they finish breakfast. Their parents are no longer with them, so they’ve had to take care of themselves for a while.

Minato isn’t happy with their situation, and he wants to help with chores, like doing the laundry, which Hayato usually does. However, Hayato decides to send Gakuto to school instead of Minato. On their way to school, Minato and Gakuto meet their neighbors, Waka and Uta.

Even though Minato is older than Uta, they become good friends. When they realize they forgot to do their math homework, they copy Nikaido’s work to avoid getting in trouble. As the day goes on, Minato feels more and more frustrated because he can’t help out. Hayato shares his challenges of taking care of his younger brothers while working with his friends at work.

Hayato’s mood sours when he learns that Mikoto, another brother, is already on his way to school, making him feel like the “baby” of the family. As Hayato worries about balancing everything, his friends offer their support.

Minato tries to make breakfast for the family that night, wanting to contribute. Unfortunately, it ends up being a big mess, which frustrates Hayato. This leads to an argument, and Minato gets upset and leaves.

After failing to convince Uta to go to the arcade, Minato notices Gakuto’s interest in a flyer for the Hoshinooka Fireworks Festival. Gakuto really wants to go to the festival to see the fireworks, something he hasn’t been able to do before.

(Credits: Crunchyroll)

To earn Gakuto’s admiration, Minato promises to take him to the festival. As they explore the festival, Minato thinks about happier times with their parents. However, their happiness is interrupted when Minato realizes he can’t find Gakuto. Hayato and Mikoto rush to the festival to help find them.

During the search, Minato reflects on his desire to help his brothers and be seen as equal to Mikoto. Fortunately, they finally find each other, and Minato goes from feeling guilty to relieved and grateful. Gakuto thanks Minato for making his dream come true as they watch the fireworks together.

Hayato suggests that they should all go to the festival as a family next year and offers Minato the chance to help with laundry the next day, showing that they’re willing to share responsibilities more evenly. The episode ends with the Yuzuki brothers, a close-knit family, sharing a meal together.

So, get ready for the second episode of “Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon Kyoudai – Youth Story of a Family” on October 12, 2023!

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