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The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic: Chapter 64 – A Mysterious Encounter

Chapter 63 Recap
In the previous chapter, Usato offered his healing magic to Queen Norn Erad. Now, readers are eager to see how the story unfolds in Chapter 64.

Usato’s Safe Escape
Usato managed to escape from Miarac, and his friends, Amako and Arc, were concerned for his safety. Usato was carrying a person with him, and Amako thought the person might be injured. Usato assured her that he had healed the person, so they were okay. However, they noticed something unusual about the town—they couldn’t find anyone there.

A Puzzling Discovery
Usato detected the scent of blood around him, but Amako couldn’t smell it. This raised questions about what had happened in the town, and they speculated that some people might have taken refuge elsewhere.

The Search for Answers
Arc suggested they should look for the person who had removed the protective barrier. He believed that even with magical artifacts, a person’s intervention was necessary to create such a powerful barrier. This person might hold the answers to the mysteries unfolding around them. Leo, who had saved Usato, apologized for his actions.

Leo’s Gratitude
Usato helped Leo, who was injured, stand up. Leo expressed his gratitude and admitted he had underestimated healing mages. He was amazed by Usato’s skills, including stopping Karon’s punches and flying with his punches.

Heading to the Castle
Usato wanted to know what had happened in Mirac, so Leo shared all the details about the events at the castle. Leo also had to submit his report and agreed to let Bluey, Usato’s companion, join them as long as he didn’t bite anyone. However, Bluey couldn’t enter the palace.

Credit: Comic Walker

An Embarrassing Mishap
As they set off, Leo realized he had forgotten to greet Usato’s companions properly and had not shown his face to Usato. When he tried to remove his headgear, it got stuck. He promised to introduce himself properly once they reached the castle.

Chapter 64 Release Date
The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic: Chapter 64 is expected to be released on Thursday, September 21, 2023, at 08:00 PM JST. You can read it online at that time.

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