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The Villain’s Match Is Too Perfect Chapter 5 Coming Soon

In the previous chapter, Princess Yvonne discovered that her friend, Yvonne, was suffering from magical amnesia. Now, readers are curious to know if Princess can uncover the mystery of the shadow she encountered. Let’s dive into the story.

Princess Yvonne’s Mysterious Encounter

While wandering in the palace, Princess Yvonne stumbled upon a shadow that gave her an eerie feeling. The shadow spoke to her and then vanished. When she told a guard about it, he had no clue and got scared.

Was it Real or an Illusion?

Princess Yvonne couldn’t decide if it was real or just her imagination. Meanwhile, Bardin had a conversation with the duke about maintaining peace in the kingdom.

Duke Yale’s Arrival

Prince Adrian learned that Duke Yale was coming to the capital for the first time. Bardin was surprised that Prince Adrian already knew about this visit.

Credits: Kakao Webtoon

A Difficult Conversation

Prince Adrian knew that Duke Yale was coming regarding Princess Yvonne’s situation. Bardin tried to hide the details, but Prince Adrian knew that the princess was striving to become the crown princess.

Prince Adrian’s Concerns

Prince Adrian wanted Princess Yvonne to give up her ambitions, but Bardin knew it would be hard. He also confessed that neither he nor his father cared much about making her the crown princess.

Mysterious Mark

During their conversation, Bardin noticed a mysterious palm print in the palace. He decided to investigate it later. However, when they checked again, it had disappeared.

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Despite the tensions, the story continues to unfold. Stay tuned for The Villain’s Match Is Too Perfect Chapter 5 Chapter 5, coming on September 13, 2023, at 10:00 PM KST.

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