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“The Villain Discovered My Identity”?Chapter 115

Once upon a time, there was a Korean girl named Eunha. She didn’t have parents and was often teased by other kids her age. Eunha believed that if she did good things, people would like her.

Eunha discovered she was really good at fencing, and soon, she became a fencing prodigy. But instead of friends, she found loneliness and jealousy among her peers.

(Credits: KakaoPage)

One day, something incredible happened. Eunha woke up in a fantasy world, just like the one in a book she had read before. But there was a catch: she was now the older sister of a villain’s right-hand man, and her story was supposed to end with her execution because of her brother’s plot to harm the crown prince.

Even though life was tough, Eunha had a loving family this time around. She decided to do everything she could to save them. Years passed, and she worked on changing her brother’s path, but he fell in love and ran away from home, putting their family in danger.

To save her family from execution, Eunha had to pretend to be a boy and join the royal army.

“The Villain Discovered My Identity” is a Korean webcomic written by Cha So Hu and illustrated by Chya Ra. It’s filled with drama, fantasy, romance, and a bit of gender-bending. The series started in 2020 and is available on KakaoPage. You can read it in English on Tappytoon.

(Credits: KakaoPage)

Now, let’s find out when the next chapter, Chapter 115, will be released after a quick recap of Chapter 113.

Recap of Chapter 114:
In the previous chapter, Eunha and the second prince took down the person responsible for Ignus’s death. Eunha also came up with a clever plan to blame the empress for the duke’s death. The empress was a distant relative of the duke, which made it easier to make up a false story about his demise. Even the second prince and his advisor were surprised by Eunha’s cunning plan and jokingly called her even more evil than the second prince himself.

Release Date for Chapter 115:
We can expect Chapter 115 of “The Villain Discovered My Identity” to be released on Thursday, September 21, 2023. Enjoy the upcoming story!

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