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The Time of the Terminally Ill Extra Chapter 57:

In the previous chapter, we saw that Millaion and Karina’s feelings are very important in their journey. They both have a special connection.

Karina Feels Lonely
At the start of this chapter, Karina tells Millaion that she’s feeling lonely. This surprises Millaion, and he wants to make her feel better. He’s worried that Karina might forget about herself because she’s so happy to see him.

Sharing a Meal
As they have dinner together, Millaion becomes more concerned about Karina. He stresses the importance of honest communication, and Karina is grateful for his support. She reassures him that everything is okay and that she can talk to him about any worries or discomfort.

Credits: Kakao Page)

Mysterious Conversation
During the meal, Millaion mentions a name that catches Karina’s attention – “Millaion.” This leads to a heartfelt conversation between them.

Millaion’s Sad Experience
After some hesitation, Millaion shares a sad story. He had a precious flower that he had been taking care of, but it was dying and nearly extinct.

This news deeply upsets Millaion. The flower was very special to him, and he had never seen one like it before. Karina understands his sadness and offers some ideas to save the flower, like using an elixir he had created. Millaion is unsure if it will work on the flower.

A Special Gift
Millaion shows his care and concern for Karina throughout their conversation. As a token of his feelings, he gives her a beautiful gift – a necklace and bracelet made from a substance called “Haron.” Karina is touched by this gesture and thanks him. While helping her put on the necklace, Millaion earnestly asks her not to push him away or leave him.

Credits: Kakao Page)

Blooming Flowers
At the end of the chapter, the flowers that Millaion had been trying to grow for Karina finally bloom. This moment brings them even closer, and they confess their affection for each other.

Chapter 57 Release Date
Chapter 57 of “The Time of the Terminally Ill Extra” is set to be released on November 1, 2023. You can read it then.

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