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The Time of the Terminally Ill Extra Chapter 53 – A Shocking Discovery

In this chapter, we’ll find out what happens when Million sees Perial talking to Karina. It’s an important moment because it reveals why Karina is so sick.

Karina’s Sad Story

Karina has been really unwell, and we finally learn why. She created a person through her paintings. She did this because her real parents didn’t treat her well, so she painted a portrait of loving parents. But there’s a problem with creating people through art—it’s against the rules of the world and challenges God’s authority. So, because of this, Karina’s life is in danger.

The Release Date

If you’re excited about the next chapter of “The Time of the Terminally Ill Extra,” don’t worry. Chapter 53 is set to come out on Saturday, September 16, 2023, PT.

Credits: Kakao

Million’s Discovery

At the end of the previous chapter, Million enters Karina’s room. It seems like he might have overheard Karina and Perial’s conversation about her illness. But he won’t tell Karina what he knows, and he won’t be sad about it either. He understands that there might be a reason Karina is keeping this secret. However, it’s important for Karina to be honest with Million and Perial because they care about her.

So, get ready for the next chapter to uncover what happens next in this gripping story!

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