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The Story of Princess Soru in Heeran Nation Chapter 61:

In the Land of Heeran, there’s a famous tale known as the Heeran Love Song. Everyone in Heeran Nation has heard about it. This story is about three Princes who lived deep in the forest behind Heeran Nation.

The three Princes were named Seryun, Garyun, and Sinyul. Seryun was wise, Garyun was strong and skilled in martial arts, and Sinyul was known for his beauty.

However, it was the beauty of the third Prince, Sinyul, that led to a terrible event. He seduced the King’s concubine, resulting in the birth of a baby in the royal family, which was not well-received by the nation.

Heeran Love Song (Credits: Midnight Studio Korea)

But the real protagonist of this story is not any of the Princes, but the unwanted newborn baby in Heeran Nation. This is the story of Princess Soru, a name that means “nuisance.”

In the previous chapter of Heeran Love Song, Chapter 60, we saw that Princess Soru, despite her dislike for blood, found herself covered in it. Yato was concerned about her and wanted to find a safe place for her.

Yato thought about taking Princess Soru back to Ja Hyun, even though he didn’t like Ja Hyun. He knew that Princess Soru respected him and had nowhere else to go.

Princess Soru believed that she had brought misfortune to Ja Hyun and begged Yato not to harm him. Yato had conflicting feelings about Ja Hyun and Princess Soru being together, but he decided to set those feelings aside until he became a human.

As Yato tried to give Princess Soru her medicine, he stumbled upon a trap. He tried to resist it but was overpowered by a spell that enhanced divine power. Divine power can purify evil, and Yato struggled to control his anger when he couldn’t find Princess Soru.

Heeran Love Song (Credits: Midnight Studio Korea)

In the upcoming chapter of Heeran Love Song, we will discover what happens to Yato. He has been captured by a magical spell, and fans are speculating how he will escape. Will his anger issues resurface?

We will also see how Princess Soru deals with her injuries and her feelings for Ja Hyun. Will her love for Ja Hyun outweigh her care for Yato? Could this change Yato’s life and position?

Chapter 61 of Heeran Love Song is set to be officially released on November 9, 2023, following the weekly release schedule.

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