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The Story of a Low-Rank Soldier Becoming a Monarch Chapter 123: Release

In this new chapter, our main character (MC) and his friends are facing big trouble. The king himself is after them because of what MC has done recently. The king and others are really mad at MC and want to get rid of him. But MC doesn’t even know about this because he’s busy in a new town.

This new town is known for its lively nightlife. MC is there to meet someone special, but it won’t be easy. The king and the people who run the hidden world are after MC and his group. We’ll have to wait and see how this all turns out for MC and his friends.

 (Credits: Kakao)

Also, in this chapter, we’ll see a new character who is important to MC’s future plans. Ironically, this character is the reason for all the trouble MC is facing. But MC doesn’t care about the problems because he’s focused on his future.

Recap of Chapter 122

In the previous chapter, MC asked one of the kids to become one of his knights. But the kid showed a mark on his back, which meant he belonged to the gladiator arena. MC understood the kids’ situation and offered them a job anyway. However, their leader said no, until MC asked them a crucial question: Did they want to keep living like this? The kids said they’d run away if they could live freely.

So, our MC gave his dragon spear to the kid, and the kid could lift it despite being young. This made MC want the kid as his knight even more. MC then told them about his plan to cause a commotion and legally set them free.

 (Credits: Kakao)

Chapter 123 Spoilers

In Chapter 123, MC’s actions of freeing the kids will catch up to him. The kids weren’t supposed to be set free, and the king sees this as a big problem. The king decides to make a deal with the thief guild to go after MC. The thief guild didn’t want to mess with MC before, but now they have no choice.

Furthermore, another group is after MC and his trio, who are near the port town or the city of nightlife. Things will get intense when we find out who these parties are. For now, we know that three groups are involved, and two of them are out to hunt down MC.

Release Date

 (Credits: Kakao)

Chapter 123 of “Becoming a Monarch: The Tale of a Simple Soldier” will be released on October 4, 2023.

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