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The Steel-Eating Player: Chapter 11 – A Hero’s Struggle

In the previous chapter, Lee Hyunwook saved his friends from a big monster. Now, let’s see how he plans to help Ahn Mintae in Chapter 11.

Lee Hyunwook defeated some monsters called Kobolds and rescued his friend Park Junmo. But there were still more Kobolds out there trying to hurt them.

Lee Hyunwook noticed that the boss monster was gone. So, he and Park Junmo had to rush to save their other friends who were in danger.

 (Credits: Naver Webtoon)

Meanwhile, a gas made it hard for the attack team to see clearly, making it tough for them to help. They had to stay where they were and shoot any Kobolds that came out of the gas.

The Blue Flower Guild and their friends couldn’t reach regular people because their leader had to go check on something. She thought Lee Hyunwook knew about the Kobold attack already.

The team was in trouble because Private Ahn Mintae needed help right away. But she couldn’t do anything because she had passed out, and the boss monster’s magic was too strong.

The boss monster broke the protective barrier, and the Kobolds were getting closer. The soldiers were losing hope.

But Lee Hyunwook arrived just in time to save his friends and fought against the Kobolds and boss monsters.

The Kobolds were attacking from the side and targeting Park Junmo. Lee Hyunwook used his metal control powers to protect his friend, but he lost control of his big sword in the process.

 (Credits: Naver Webtoon)

Lee Hyunwook realized that the boss monster was controlling a special Kobold magician. This magician controlled the other Kobolds.

He understood that scaring them away wouldn’t work. He knew he had to fight alone because it was too dangerous for Junmo.

Lee Hyunwook told Junmo to go back to safety, but Junmo wanted a signal. Lee Hyunwook didn’t give him one; he just told him to run as fast as he could.

Lee Hyunwook had to use his metal control powers to defend against the boss monster’s attacks.

They were a bit late, but they finally reached their friends. They found out that Private Ahn Mintae had passed out.

Lee Hyunwook was confused because the vice leader, Choi Seonha, was right there. He told her to do her job because Ahn Mintae was in a bad way.

But then he saw that she was having a panic attack. This was bad because the vice leader was the only one who could heal them, and she wasn’t doing her job.

If she didn’t act quickly, they would all be in big trouble. Lee Hyunwook reminded Choi Seonha that they were in the middle of a battle, and if she didn’t help, they might all die because of her.

The next chapter of “The Steel-Eating Player” is expected to come out on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

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