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The S-Classes That I RaisedChapter 103Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

In this chapter, we’ll see Yoojin trying to learn more about Sung Hyunjae. There’s a volleyball that seems to have helped Sung Hyunjae before he regressed. This suggests he was involved with some not-so-good people and also some more morally upright ones.

(Credits: Naver)

It’s still not clear what Sung Hyunjae was up to before Yoojin’s regression. According to the volleyball, it helped break a contract between Sung Hyunjae and someone who owned lizards. After that, Sung Hyunjae somehow got caught up in Yoojin’s regression.

If you’re wondering when the next chapter of “The S-Classes That I Raised” will be out, we’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss the release date for Chapter 103, plus some spoilers and where you can read it.

Release Date for “The S-Classes That I Raised” Chapter 103

Chapter 103 is set to be released on Monday, September 18, 2023.

Chapter 103 Explanation

Now, there are some differences between Yoojin’s current situation and the one in the first timeline. In the first timeline, Yoojin was 25 years old and had 5 more years of life experience compared to now. These extra years helped him build a deeper connection with someone named Yoohyun.

(Credits: Naver)

In the current timeline, Yoohyun doesn’t know about the tough times they went through for eight years, only the last three. Thanks to the regression, Yoojin is reconnecting with Yoohyun, but this change can be quite shocking, especially since Yoojin is used to his older brother from the previous timeline.

Chapter 103 Spoilers

There’s some drama with Diarma and Sung Hyunjae. Diarma suspected that Sung Hyunjae would betray him, and he had plans to deal with that betrayal. However, Yoojin’s interference unexpectedly plays a significant role.

The story mentions that the crescent moon helped Sung Hyunjae before the regression, but it’s unclear how he ended up in another contract if the lizards already knew he would betray them the first time. This is quite confusing, and we hope to get more clarity in the next chapter.

So mark your calendars for September 18, 2023, for the release of “The S-Classes That I Raised” Chapter 103!

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