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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Removes Jann Wenner from Board

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame decided to take Jann Wenner off its board of directors. Jann Wenner is one of the people who started Rolling Stone magazine.

Why Did They Remove Jann Wenner?

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame confirmed that they removed Jann Wenner from the board after he gave an interview to The New York Times. In the interview, Jann Wenner talked about his upcoming book called “The Masters.” This book includes interviews he did with many musicians over the years. But most of the musicians in his book are White men, like John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Bono, Pete Townsend, and Bruce Springsteen.

(Credits: CNN)

Jann Wenner’s Controversial Remarks

When asked why he didn’t include interviews with women or people of color in his book, Jann Wenner’s answer upset a lot of people. He said that the people he included had to meet certain criteria, but mostly it was because he personally liked and admired them. When it came to women, he felt that none of them were as smart as the men he interviewed.

Jann Wenner also didn’t give enough credit to Black musicians. He said that even though Stevie Wonder is a genius, the word “master” he used in his book didn’t quite fit. He thought maybe Marvin Gaye or Curtis Mayfield could be included, but he felt they didn’t express themselves at the same intellectual level.

Jann Wenner’s Apology

(Credits: CNN)

After receiving a lot of criticism for his interview, Jann Wenner apologized. He said his book “The Masters” was meant to show the influence of rock ‘n’ roll on his life. He also admitted that he should have included at least one Black and one female artist who may not have met the same high standards just to avoid criticism.

He said that his interviews in the book don’t fully represent his respect for the many iconic artists who have impacted the world with their music. He apologized for his poorly chosen words and any consequences they may have caused.

Jann Wenner’s Background

Jann Wenner co-founded Rolling Stone magazine in 1967 and was its editor until 2019. He also helped start the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1983.

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