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The Revenge of My Youth: My Re Life with a Girl Who Was Too Much of an Angel Chapter 12

In this story, Niihama Shincirou had a funny experience. At first, a girl confessed her feelings to him, but it turned out to be a joke played by his friends. Now, fans are excited to know what will happen next in Chapter 12 of The Revenge of My Youth: My Re Life with a Girl Who Was Too Much of an Angel.

Niihama’s Back to High School

Niihama Shincirou is a high school student who got sent back to his second year of high school after something bad happened to him. He’s really happy to have a second chance to do things differently and avoid the mistakes he made before.

But there’s a new problem. Niihama is older and wiser now, and he wants to stop the bullying that hurt him in the past.

He’s on a mission to make things right and change his fate. He wants justice.

Themes in the Story

The story explores some important themes like making up for mistakes, personal growth, and getting a second chance. It shows that we can change our lives and turn pain into something meaningful.

Chapter 11 Recap

In Chapter 11, the school is getting ready for a big festival. There are lots of problems to solve, but Niihama shows he’s a great leader. He listens to everyone, gives them jobs, and makes sure everything goes smoothly. He earns the respect of his classmates because of his maturity and dedication.

(Credits: Comic Walker)

Chapter 12 Highlights

In the next chapter, the festival plans are moving forward. There’s a cooking demonstration, and Niihama gets to enjoy some tasty food. He also has a crush on Shijouin-san, who is leading the food team.

Everyone in the class starts working together, and things are going well. This chapter shows how teamwork and communication can turn confusion into success.

After school, Niihama and his friend Sakai face some bullies on the playground. They make fun of Sakai for falling for a fake confession. Niihama tries to stay positive, but then Shijouin-san steps in and tells the bullies to stop.

She says she wants to date Niihama, which surprises everyone. After Niihama and Shijouin-san leave, the bullies have to think about what they did. Niihama also reflects on the day’s events and stands up to bullying.

What to Expect Next

Niihama values his friendships and the time he spends with his friends, including Shijouin-san. He learns that focusing on social status is not important. Even when facing bullies, he stays strong and doesn’t compromise his values.

Release Date

Chapter 12 is expected to be released on November 10, 2023, for fans to read.

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