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The Return of the Crazy Demon Chapter 88 is Coming Soon!

Upcoming Chapter 88 of “The Return of the Crazy Demon”

The Next Chapter is Coming Soon!

Exciting Duel Ahead

Fans of the series are eagerly waiting for Chapter 88. They’re super excited to see Yi Zaha challenging the Clan Master and can’t wait to find out who wins this epic battle.

Recap of the Last Chapter (Chapter 87)

Important Story Elements Revealed

In the previous chapter, we learned some crucial things about the story. This helps us understand the ongoing fight and what’s coming in future chapters. Plus, we’ve got some spoilers and a reading guide for you.

CC: Naver

Chapter 87 Recap

A Conversation Between Warriors

In Chapter 87, the conversation between Yi Zaha and the Clan Master continues. The Clan Master reveals he hasn’t used his original name in a long time. Yi Zaha introduces himself as the leader of the Hao Clan, a clan he created. He warns others not to disrespect his clan and especially their women.

The Clan Master’s Thoughts

The Clan Master says he won’t sleep well that night due to their conversation and wants some alone time to think.

Chapter 88 Expectations

More Excitement Ahead

In Chapter 88, as Yi Zaha leaves, he expresses interest in meeting again in the future. He believes they have a lot to talk about. The Clan Leader advises his assistant to stay home and not drink, as it can hinder enlightenment.

Yi Zaha’s Reflection

Yi Zaha, as he leaves, reflects on his newfound knowledge and skills, feeling like he’s gained mastery in swordsmanship.

Chapter 88 Release Date

Save the Date

Chapter 88 of “The Return of the Crazy Demon” will be available for fans to read on September 18, 2023. Get ready for an exciting new chapter!

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