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The Return of Mount Hua Sect Chapter 90: A Race for Energy Pills

In this chapter, we’ll explore the exciting events in “The Return of Mount Hua Sect.”

The Quest for Energy Pills

The Mount Hua Shadow sect is on a mission to reach a sword graveyard for some powerful energy pills. They are following the Wudang Sect, but there’s a twist. The Wudang Sect is taking its time because they believe Mount Hua Sect can’t decipher a map.

The Beggar Sect’s Leak

Things get complicated when the Beggar Sect leaks information about the energy pills. Now, many famous sects are after them. Chung Myung, a clever character, predicted this and gave the map to the Beggar Sect, assuming they would leak it.

Wudang Sect’s Swift Move

Credits: Yan Manga)

With everyone hunting for the energy pills, the Wudang Sect decides to speed up its search. Chung Myung’s plan is to secretly follow them, but he must be careful not to get caught. The Beggar Sect is also trailing them to see where they’re headed. Will they succeed in their pursuit? We’ll find out in the next chapter.

Release Date of Chapter 90

Curious about when Chapter 90 will be released? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Chung Myung’s Clever Strategy

Chung Myung plans to outsmart the Beggar Sect by spreading information quickly, forcing the Wudang Sect to act openly instead of in secret. They’ve flooded the area with martial artists to pressure the Wudang Sect into moving faster.

What to Expect Next

In the upcoming chapter, we might see other martial artists joining the chase. Mount Hua and Beggars are not known for stealth, after all. Chung Myung’s goal is to create a distraction to divert Wudang Sect’s attention temporarily while another member of his group snatches the treasure right from under their noses.

Release Date Reminder

Mark your calendars! Chapter 90 of “The Return of the Mount Hua Sect” is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, 2023. Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures!

In Summary:

  • The Mount Hua Shadow sect is after energy pills in a sword graveyard.
  • The Beggar Sect leaks information about the pills, sparking a race.
  • Chung Myung plans to follow the Wudang Sect secretly.
  • Chapter 90 will reveal if they succeed and will be released on September 19, 2023.

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