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“The Red Night at the Duke’s Castle”Chapter 30

Rykin and Sorel’s Exciting Date
In Chapter 30, Rykin and Sorel are going on a special date to a famous place in Glaston. They’ve become really good friends and enjoy spending time together. Sorel likes being with Rykin so much that whenever she has free time, she goes to visit him. Rykin feels the same way about Sorel and thinks about her a lot. He’s even a bit protective of her and doesn’t want her to meet someone named Ruben because he’s worried it might not end well for her. In the first 29 chapters, we’ve seen their friendship grow, and in the next chapter, we’ll get to see their date.

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Release Date for Chapter 30
If you’re eagerly waiting for Chapter 30 of “The Red Night at the Duke’s Castle,” don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. The release date for Chapter 30 is Thursday, October 5, 2023.

Chapter 29 Recap
In Chapter 29, the story starts with Rykin and Sorel having breakfast in the living room. Rykin tells Sorel not to approach strangers, even though she has a guard with her. Sorel corrects him, saying that Ruben isn’t a stranger, but Rykin still advises her to stay away from him because they don’t know each other well. Sorel thought Rykin might know Ruben, but he explains that not all vampires are friendly with each other, just like not all humans are kind to one another. He mentions that the Sylvester and the Calier vampires are not on good terms.

Credits: Tappytoon)

Rorel is a bit confused, so she asks Rykin to explain further. He tells her not to trust vampires she doesn’t know, even if they promise her delicious food. Rykin asks Sorel what she offered Ruben, and she says she gave him chocolate, but he didn’t take it because he didn’t like it much. Rykin explains that the Sylvesters are known for having terrible taste, and that might be why Ruben didn’t accept the chocolate. He also compliments Sorel’s great taste and advises her not to spend time with someone like Ruben.

Credits: Tappytoon)

Chapter 30 Spoilers
We don’t have any spoilers for Chapter 30, but we can still talk about what might happen. Since Rykin and Sorel are going on a date, we can expect to see them enjoying their day together. Meanwhile, Ruben might try to learn more about their relationship.

Stay tuned for the exciting developments in Chapter 30 of “The Red Night at the Duke’s Castle” on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

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