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The Promised Neverland: A Scary Adventure!

The Promised Neverland manga is like a scary adventure story. It was made by a person named Kaiu Shirai and drawn by another person named Posuka Demizu. They worked on it from August 1, 2016, to June 15, 2020. The story is about a group of kids who live in a nice orphanage. But they find out something terrible – they’re supposed to be food for demons! The kids have to be really smart and work together to run away from the orphanage and stay alive in a world full of demons.

The story starts on August 1, 2016, and people liked it a lot because it’s dark and exciting. In the first part, we meet three main kids – Emma, Norman, and Ray. They live in a place called Grace Field House, which seems nice. But, it turns out that the orphanage is like a farm to grow humans for demons to eat. One day, Emma and Norman see a little girl named Conny being taken away by the demons. That’s when they decide they have to escape. They spend a lot of time planning and finally get away with some of their friends. They travel through a world full of demons, trying to find a safe place to live.

But it’s not easy. The kids are chased by demons and also a human group called the Ratri Clan, who are friends with the demons. Along the way, they learn more about the world’s history and the problems between humans and demons.

The story can be split into three big parts: the Grace Field House part, the Goldy Pond part, and the Seven Walls part. The Grace Field House part introduces the main characters and the world they live in and sets up the problem between the kids and the demons. The Goldy Pond part brings in new characters and places and makes the story more exciting. The Seven Walls part is the last part of the story and shows the kids fighting their enemies to stay alive.

The Promised Neverland story ended on June 15, 2020. People really liked it because it was dark and exciting, and the characters were interesting. It also made a lot of money, with over 35 million copies sold all over the world.

Credits: Weekly Shōnen Jump)

The Promised Neverland was made by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu. Shirai was a new writer, and The Promised Neverland was his first big work. Demizu was more experienced at drawing manga, and she’s known for her detailed and emotional art.

People in Japan and other places loved The Promised Neverland. It got awards like the Shogakukan Manga Award and the Kodansha Manga Award. It also became an anime TV show that was on in 2019 and 2020.

So, the scary adventure of The Promised Neverland manga ended on June 15, 2020, with its 20th and last book released on October 2, 2020.

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