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“The Princess in a Time Twist: Requiem For The Queen Chapter 16”

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Millia De Lua who lived in the Kingdom of Lua. She was known for her mischievous ways, and everyone loved her. But strange things started happening to Millia. She kept having nightmares about her ancestor, Queen Gloria De Lua, who had ruled the kingdom a century ago.

One day, while lying in bed, an assassin attacked Millia. She felt like she was losing consciousness, but then something incredible happened. She woke up, but things were not as they should be. Millia found herself in the body of Queen Gloria, the very ancestor who haunted her dreams. She read Gloria’s diary and learned the truth.

(Credits: Kakao Page)
Requiem For The Queen Chapt

Gloria hadn’t accidentally brought Millia into this situation. She was using royal magic to summon someone who could help her restore a magical artifact called the Stone of Wishes. Gloria didn’t understand why the magic chose Millia, but their lives became connected because of it. To give Millia a chance to fix things, Gloria sacrificed herself, and now Millia was stuck in her ancestor’s body for three years.

Gloria apologized for dragging Millia into her mess but had no other choice. Now, for the next three years, Millia must pretend to be Gloria and try to solve the problems left behind.

Recap of Requiem For The Queen Manhwa

In the last chapter, Gloria, Lord Leona, and Justice Gillian played cards together. Gloria had to hide her magical abilities to avoid suspicion. Both Leona and Gillian won a game each, and they had a special deal. They could make one wish each. Lord Leona wanted a 4th Encounter, and he revealed how Duke Ferdinand had approached him for favors in exchange for funding his business ventures.

(Credits: Kakao Page)
Requiem For The Queen Chapt

Gloria agreed to provide the funding to bring Leona to her side. Then it was Gillian’s turn, who wanted to become a Royal Minister. Gloria questioned his motives, and they had a tense encounter. A few days later, Gillian and his brother visited, and an argument erupted, involving Duke Ferdinand.

Chapter 16 Spoilers & Predictions

Gloria is in an awkward situation as she tried to put Older Gillain in his place, but Justice Gillain intervened. The siblings had a slight altercation, and then Duke Ferdinand entered the scene. It seems he came to find Gloria, probably to discuss his fallout with Leona. Let’s see how he reacts to Gloria’s sponsorship of Leona.

(Credits: Kakao Page)

Release Date for Chapter 16

Requiem For The Queen Chapter 16 is expected to be released on or around September 28, 2023.

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