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The Price Of Breaking Up Chapter 49: The Latest in a Fantasy Story

In this new chapter of the Fantasy Manhwa, we’ll discover what happens next in the life of a girl believed to be a powerful figure in her country’s history.

A Life Under Strict Control

From the time she was just three years old, this girl’s life was closely watched and trained to become the future Empress. Her destiny was tied to the Crown Prince.

A Love Story Unravels

For 18 long years, she prepared to become the Empress, and she also fell deeply in love with the Crown Prince. But fate took a cruel twist, and she was suddenly no longer chosen to fulfill her prophesied role.

A Transformation Begins

Faced with rejection, even from the Crown Prince, she refused to give up easily. She decided to become the story’s antagonist, spreading rumors and manipulating people to support her.

Dramatic Moments Unfold

Recent chapters brought intense moments. She finally broke up with the Crown Prince, who reacted strongly by cutting her hair. But she remained calm until later, when the Pope comforted her and cut the rest of her hair.

A Threat and a Fire

The Crown Prince threatened her not to leave the palace and set her carriage on fire to make his point. Fortunately, the Pope had planned for this, and they left for her home.

Credits: Kakao Page

The Fezzentera Family

Ersia’s family, the Fezzenteras, play an essential role in the empire, handling things other nobles won’t touch. To her, they’ve been a loving family. Her mother, however, reveals a ruthless side.

Predictions for Chapter 49

The Crown Prince is furious, but with Ersia’s family, the Fezzenteras, and her alliance with the Pope, she seems safe for now. It will be interesting to see how the Imperial Family reacts.

Release Date

Expect Chapter 49 to drop around September 16, 2023.

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